Our team is built of experienced professionals specialising in the following fields: art investment, financial markets, and data management.

Expert knowledge is provided by our handpicked team of art critics and investment professionals. We also work in foreign markets with local associations of art appraisers, historians, and art market experts.

Ornela Ramašauskaitė

Founder, CEO

Ornela is an artXchange Global art expert and CEO with more than ten years of experience working on consultations and investments in art, including collecting and acquiring artwork.

The first work of art Ornela bought was while studying at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Then her passion for art economy encouraged her to work at an art auction house, gallery, and art fair. Ornela is a former public adviser for cultural affairs to the Prime Minister of Lithuania and a former Lithuanian delegate, contributing expert on the project “Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe.” She is currently a board member of Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA) and Sustainable Business Association of Lithuania (LAVA), and expert at Lithuanian Council for Culture, a member of the Strategic Council for Lithuania’s Image at The Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, founder of the Institute of Trends, and a lecturer at the university.

Vaida Vaižmužytė

Founder, General Manager

Vaida is a general manager at artXchange, responsible for the smooth running for the all processes as well as risk management and value creation for the all interested parties.

Vaida has a PMP project manager certificate and has managed many multi-million-dollar projects in the IT and telecommunications sectors for almost a decade. Vaida was interested in investing in the field of works of art, but she could not find the desired service intermediary, so she combined her experience with her love of art. She is now responsible for managing and establishing the world’s first art liquidity agency so that every participant in the art market can receive benefit from a policy of trust-based transactions. Vaida is also a board member of the Lithuanian Vipassana (meditation) Association.

Eimandas Gudonis

Founder, CFO

Eimantas is the financial director of artXchange, responsible for investment management and budget control. Eimantas has almost ten years of experience in the financial sector. He participated in one of the largest bond issuing on the Baltic Nasdaq Stock Exchange and share distribution (ibid.).

Currently, he is also a Head of Finance Department of AUGA Group, responsible for cash flow management, budget establishment and analysis, activities and control of the Finance Department, and the provision of financial information to banks and stock exchanges. Eimantas’s interest in the field of investment in works of art provides us with the best financial solutions for our clients.

Ugnė Nagrockaitė

Communication Specialist

Ugnė is responsible for communication, preparation of the art market data reviews and information management of the interested parties and stakeholders.

Ugnė studied Contemporary Art Practice at Robert Gordon University in Scotland, followed by later studies in the Czech Republic, and improved her skills in Peacoks Visual Arts | Center for Contemporary Art and Hospital Fields Art Center galleries in the UK. Ugnė is also an artist, whose creative work was awarded scholarships. Her works can be found in various exhibitions. What is more, Ugnė is aware of investing particularities and works with the Interactive Brokers platform, making her one of the best communication specialists  combining knowledge of art and financial markets.

Rahul Yadav

Adviser for the Investment and Development

Rahul is an artXchange Global Advisor and Independent Investment Expert.

Rahul has more than 30 years of international experience in banking and investment management in New York, Singapore, Delhi and Dubai. Rahul is the Founder & CEO of Citix Capital and Consultants, a company specializing in capital management of ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Rahul is a former Partner and Managing Director with CVCI (Citi Venture Capital International, a leading private equity arm of Citigroup with over US$ 6 billion in equity, as well as Partner and Managing Director of TRG Management (Singapore). Rahul was a Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch and Citibank India. He also was a Director and India Head of Structured Finance at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell (Deutsche Bank). Rahul was a postgraduate at the University of Oxford, England, where he studied on a Rhodes Scholarship and received a master’s degree. Rahul began his career at Prudential Bache, New York, where he became interested in investing in works of art.

Council for arts

The Council for Arts combines art experts, critics, historians, and financial professionals. The Council makes decisions concerning the strategic directions related to the investment in works of art, “blue-chip” investments, and the development of the artXchange Fund. If necessary, the Council for Arts invites additional experts due to solving complex issues of attribution, provenance, and transactions of the artwork.