Our business is organized around several key activities. Experts are invited where necessary.


  • Formation and administration of the collections

Changing, renting, documentation and digitization of the collection’s works of art. We also handle publishing, installation of exhibitions, storage, legal and tax issues

  • Consultations on the division of the collection

Consultations on the transformation or sale of works of art (companies, M&A, divorce, inheritance, donation, etc.)

  • Formation of archives of works of art, digitization, publishing of catalogues
  • Valuation of works of art (price estimation)
  • Attribution (determination regarding the authorship or other data pertaining to the work of art)
  • Provenance investigation (investigation concerning the history of the artwork’s ownership)
  • Certifications of the work of art
  • Research or lectures about the art market and related issues
  • Consultations concerning the acquisition or sale of the work of art, investment in works of art, representation in deals
  • Management of relations with stakeholders and interested parties (bailiffs, notaries, logistics, heritage department, lawyers, etc.
  • Consultations for the patrons and organisations on custom works of art, as well as consultations on establishment of private museums, patronage, and issues related to social responsibility
  • Coordination of the orders of the works of art for the individuals and companies
  • Coordination of restoration, conservation, and chemical and physical investigations of the artwork
  • Recommendations for visiting art fairs, museums
  • Other art market related questions

Art management

  • Consulting galleries, museums, auctions, art fairs, artists on management and marketing issues
  • Managing artist-brand partnerships


Art / NFT management

  • Management of works of art owned by the agency
  • Culture / artist sponsorship management

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