Our business is organized around several key activities:

Repurchasing artwork at a guaranteed price

Works of art are evaluated (price estimation) and an agreement is signed with the owner of the work. artXchange will be able to repurchase the artwork in the future at the agreed-upon price and only at the client’s request. If the artwork is sold at a higher price, the received profit will be shared.


Increasing value of the client's artwork

In collaboration with the art curators, gallerists, museologists, art critics, historians, and art events organizers, artXchange invests in the reputation of the client’s artwork and its creator. This increases the financial value of the artwork in the case of future sale. The client periodically receives predictions related to the change in estimation.

Collective investing

We mediate for people willing to invest in works of art:

  1. We offer to become an artXchange Fund coinvestor in the artwork and share profits in the case of sale.
  2. We mediate for those willing to invest in the works of “blue-chip” artists.
  3. We gather the interested individuals regarding the collective investment into the  selected work of art, then we execute and supervise the contract.
Leasing of works of arts

The client pays for the work of art in installments until he or she obtains full ownership.



The client pledges his or her work of art with the right to repurchase it for a predetermined price within the period agreed in advance.


We provide a loan for the client to purchase the artwork while pledging an artwork.

  1. Consultations concerning the acquisition and sale of the artwork
  2. Mediation in finding and / or purchasing the artwork
  3. Consultations regarding the insurance of the artwork and their collections
  4. Management of relations with stakeholders and interested parties (bailiffs, notaries, logistics, heritage department, lawyers, etc.)
  5. Consultations for the patrons and organizations on outsourcing works of art, as well consultations on establishment of private museums, patronage, and issues related to social responsibility
  6. Coordination of the orders of the artworks for the individuals and legal persons
  7. Coordination of restoration, conservation, and chemical and physical investigations of the artwork
Formation and administration of the artwork

Changing, lending, renting, documentation, and digitization of the collection’s artwork and catalogs. We also handle publishing, installation of exhibitions, storage, legal and tax issues.

Consultations on the division of the artwork

Consultations on the transformation and sale of the artwork (companies M&A, divorce, inheritance, and donation).


Determination regarding the authorship of the artwork and other data determination.

Provenance investigation

Investigation concerning the history of the owners of the artwork.

Preparation of a passport of the artwork

Data documentation for the artwork down to the smallest details.

Art fund

This fund contains the artworks managed by the agency, where the institutional collection of the artworks and collective investment objects are being stored.

The fund also has a portion dedicated for young artists by way of a scholarship.

The priorities for 2020–2022: women’s art and the return to creative work after a pause.

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